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Let Hometown Payment Solutions help you select the merchant services you need for your business. We offer a variety of tools that can expand as your business grows.

Online Ordering and Payment Solutions For Your Business

Online ordering and purchasing are expected services for many customers. Providing a convenient, secure way to purchase your products or services can greatly increase sales and profits. Hometown Payment Solutions can work with you to establish online ordering, purchasing and other web-based solutions perfect for your business. Whether you operate a coffee shop, bakery, full-service restaurant, gift boutique, or any other local business, we have an affordable, easy-to-use system that provides secure and affordable capabilities.

Contactless Payment Options

Contactless payments, curbside pickup and similar services are a given for many consumers. With the introduction of chips in credit and debit cards, customers can easily pay by waving their card over a reader and never actually touch the equipment. Apple, Google and other payment systems provide easy, secure mobile payment options through their apps, as do many large chain stores.

Point of Sale Systems Customized For Your Business

Hometown Payment Solutions can help you select the perfect point of sale (POS) system for your operations. We work with many of the leading suppliers in the business to bring you the best, most affordable systems on the market.

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Take control of your credit card processing fees with our Cash Discount Program.  We can reduce your costs by more than 90 percent!

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