Hometown Payment Solutions gives you the services you need to accept payments in ways your customers expect. Whether you are selling in person, online or taking remote orders via phone, our payment systems will give you the flexibility you need.

Payment Processing
Swipe or Chip Cards

Get paid quickly with low or no processing fees using a card reader or terminal in your business. Allow your customers to pay quickly and securely using an in-person credit or debit card. Hometown Payment Solutions offers onsite credit card machines that accept swiped card and EMV chipped cards.

Our readers can operate stand alone or integrated with your other equipment. Choose the reader that is the best fit for your operation at low or no cost to your business.

Contactless Payments

Especially in today’s market, no-touch solutions are a popular choice for businesses and customers alike. Digital Wallet options such as Apple Pay® and Google Pay™, are growing in popularity.

Your business can give your customers the ease of paying with these handy apps while keeping your employees and customers safe from contact, all while keeping your processing costs low.

Card Key-in Options

Take orders via phone? No problem! Hometown Payment Solutions can configure a system to allow the cards to be keyed in by your staff.

Let your customers pay remotely by manually keying in card details. This payment options is a good solution for curbside pickups at restaurants and other retail stores.

Mobile Payments

Don’t wait to bill your customers. Accept mobile payments onsite when you deliver or complete a project.

Mobile payment options are a must for service-based businesses, such as electricians, HVAC repair technicians, and food delivery services.

Low Processing Rates

Your business could be paying more than necessary for payment processing. Hometown Payment Solutions can help you find the best rates available.

Accept all payment types, including debit, credit, and chip cards, as well as NFC payments. We provide easy set up and fast deposits to keep your business running smoothly.

Security Is Our Top Priority

  • Reduce compliance headaches. Our systems meet or exceed all PCI compliance and security guidelines.

  • Minimize costs by reducing fraud and chargebacks.

  • Security built into our hardware and software systems.

  • EMV electronic chip card technology authenticates cards are genuine.

  • Customers can pay and their card will never leave their sight.

Let Us Help Your Business Succeed!

Hometown Payment Solutions is a local company with national connections. Each of our customers is assigned a local representative with years of experience helping businesses grow and succeed. Our company represents many of the leading payment processing companies to give you the service you need.

Choosing the best payment solutions for your business can be difficult and confusing. With added fees and expenses, you could be paying much more than necessary. Let our experts help. We simplify the merchant services available and help you choose the services you need at the best rates available.